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Beginners Guide To The Gym

So you’re new to the gym. “What do I do? Where do I start?” If you haven’t been to a gym in a while, especially if you haven’t worked out at all in a while, the gym can be pretty overwhelming and intimidating. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Everyone has to start somewhere. Everyone has a first day at the gym. Your greatest tool is preparation. Have you ever heard the quote by Benjamin Franklin “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”? This is so true of many things, especially the gym. So let’s go through a few things you need to know to get you prepped and ready to feel confident going to the gym and have an amazing workout.

Beginners Guide To The Gym

What To Wear And What To Bring

Before you even go to the gym, it’s important to think about what you’re going to wear and what you’re going to bring with you to the gym. Wear something comfortable that you can move in, also, if your gym has a dress code, make sure to pay attention to that as well. I like to wear leggings, a sports bra, and a tank top. Another important thing is your shoes, you need good, comfortable sneakers. The exact type of shoe would depend on what you’re doing at the gym (lifting, running, etc) I personally really like my Nike Free 5.0s, they are really comfortable and versatile. They work well for lifting and cardio for me.

Also think about what you want to bring with you to the gym. A water bottle is a must, you need to stay hydrated. Make sure you also bring your workout plan with you. Other optional things to bring would be an ipod with a good upbeat playlist for working out and some headphones, I know for me, music can make all the difference in my workout sometimes, it really helps me focus and get in the zone. You could also bring a heart rate monitor if you have one. You don’t want to bring a ton with you, however most gyms have lockers you could utilize if need be.

Beginners Guide To The Gym

Have A Plan And Stick To It

Far too often I see people in the gym do a couple reps on a machine, and then move on and use another random machine, and they just seem all over the place. They are using random equipment without any real goal in mind. You should find a workout plan, print it out, or save it on your phone, and take it to the gym with you. There are so many workout plans you can try based on your goals. I love BodyBuilding.com and Crush60.com. If you have an actual workout plan in front of you, then you can go to the gym knowing, “okay, today I’m doing legs, and these are the exercises I’m going to do.” That eliminates wondering around the gym wondering what you’re going to do next, using random, unrelated machines.

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